Events of 1919

10-15 January 1919

Communist Revolt in Berlin

18 January 1919

Paris Peace Conference begins.

25 January 1919

Principle of a League of Nations ratified.

14 February 1919

Draft of the League of Nations completed.

6 May 1919

Under conditions of the Peace Conference, German colonies are annexed.

21 June 1919

German High Seas Fleet (53 ships) scuttled at Scapa Flow with nine deaths, the last casualty of war.

28 June 1919

Treaty of Versailles signed.

19 July 1919

Cenotaph unveiled in London.

10-11 November 1919

A state dinner in honour of the President of the French Republic was hosted by King George V and held at Buckingham Palace on 10th November. The very first Armistice Day was held in the grounds of Buckingham Palace on the morning of 11 November.